We are your personalized support team

Green Bay Doulas, Northeast Wisconsin’s premier doula agency,was started  to give clients the best experience possible for doula care. As an agency, we have the training and experience to support women before and after they have their babies and know exactly how to support you and your growing family. We bring together seasoned doulas and those new to their practice to offer both quality care for birthing women and a space for doulas to build a strong sense of
community. Our agency emphasizes professionalism, mentoring, community, and accountability. All doulas within the agency are professionally trained and receive ongoing training, are first aide and CPR certified and are fully insured.gbdoulas_horizontal_final

Pregnancy, labor and the journey of birth, can pose a lot of uncertainties, but with your doula by your side, you can relax and enjoy the experience! We help our clients by meeting them where they are at, without bias or judgement, and unwavering support and encouragement. We hold our profession to the highest standard.  We don’t have birth philosophies or postpartum parenting styles we adhere to, we fully support our clients choices.

By including Green Bay Doulas in your support team, you will feel confident as we can help you navigate through your pregnancy along side of your medical provider. Together we create the birth dream team you deserve! You can rest assured that your birth experience will be filled with compassionate, trusted, and professional support so that this transition will be a positive and enjoyable experience to remember for a lifetime!

We look forward to supporting you during this journey.

Meet your team!

Emily Jacobson, Owner