Why Doulas Love The CUB

As doulas we are told to have our tips and tricks with us in a birth bag. But the reality is I only have a change of clothes, some snacks for myself, a phone charger, a water bottle and the CUB.


We stumbled upon the CUB about three years ago in a Pinterest board and haven’t looked back.  Here is our the top reasons why the doulas of Green Bay Doulas love the CUB.

Starts Conversations

When we bring a CUB to a clients house, the older siblings love to play on it, which helps to get everyone comfortable with it and us. Who doesn’t love a new toy?  Nurses and Doctors stop, look and ask lots of questions, all conversations end with “well that’s wonderful, we need some of those!” Wausau Aspirus Hospital currently has one for their labor and delivery unit after we supported a client while using a CUB.


Unlike a birthing ball which can put pressure on the sacrum, and requires some balancing, our clients like that it is more stable than a birthing ball, but still offers movement if needed.  When we would use birthing balls on the bed for gravity based positions, it would be hard to find the right size, where if our clients are using the CUB we can use both or just one chamber and the belly fits right in there to let them just layout and rest while feeling supported.


From end of pregnancy to in the laboring room on the floor (sitting), in the bed (hands and knees) or even in the shower on its side on top of a chair so they have a perfect height to learn against, we can set the CUB up to support our clients when needed.

Ease of Use

It takes seconds to inflate, seconds to deflate, folds up small and it’s lightweight. Also, it’s easy to sanitize or dry off.


For the benefit it brings it’s a great tool for all families. I was so excited when I heard the CUB was coming to the USA. No more international shipping! It can be also used well beyond pregnancy and labor, as I said the kids love it, and provides a great alternative to a couch or chair while providing support.


If you are ready to join the Green Bay Doulas and experience the CUB you can at https://www.the-cub-usa.com/


I Don’t Want A Doula

Things I hear on a daily basis: “I don’t want someone else in the room with my partner and I” “I just can’t afford a doula, maybe next baby we can plan better” “I really wish I would have hired you, even just to have that support before I had the baby.” and  “I don’t want a doula, I’m getting an epidural” 


This got me thinking about how our role as doulas is to offer our clients options. Options in hospitals, doctors, laboring techniques, and inductions. Options in pain management from hydrotherapy to epidurals, options in navigating vaginal birth after surgical birth and even surgical birth itself. Options in community resources from photographers to chiropractic care, massage to hair dressers, and even dog trainers!




One of the cornerstones that Green Bay Doulas was built on is to listen to the birthing community, and be and bring the change that they long to see.


We listened to the desires of our community, and we are excited to announce Everything But the Birth: Your personal concierge through pregnancy. You are matched with your perfect doula who will become your best friend and confidant for your pregnancy. She will help you navigate questions, comments, she will celebrate with you, and lift you up when needed. She will help you navigate your options with her insider knowledge. She will provide a prenatal planning session where you discuss what to expect, help you build your birth plan, and teach your partner or friend/family member some hands on approaches to help support you during labor. She will also provide a postpartum visit once you are home and settled with the new baby.


So how is this different from a labor doula?


We don’t attend your birth.


This option will bring the support you desire throughout pregnancy, without the larger investment. But what happens if along the way you decide you’d like birth doula support during your birth? You’d just need to make that decision by 34 weeks, and your initial payment is applied to your remaining balance. We work in teams of two when supporting laboring clients so we want to make sure your entire team is at your prenatal.


Photo: Timeless Touch Photography

Our goal is to make doula support accessible to every laboring family, surrogate, and individual. We want you to have access to the knowledge we have and feel supported, secure, and empowered to make the best choices for your family. This is the very heart of Green Bay Doulas, to give our clients options to decide what support option works best for their family.


Contact us today to get started!


You’ve found the courage to look at the pregnancy test.  There it is.  The BIG FAT POSITIVE. The plus that you’ve been hoping for. The smiley face that you’ve waited weeks, months, or even years to see. The word PREGNANT is the first sign of proof – you’re having a baby!

It’s time to call the doctor. Or maybe the midwife? With so many providers and options, how do you know which to choose? It’s important to find the right provider for you.  This is your birth. This is your baby. This is your body. And you should find a provider that aligns with your birth philosophy and individual needs.

Keep reading as we discuss a few of the big ideas to consider

Does your Birth Philosophy align with that of your provider?

I’m not going to lie. This is a big one. Really figure out what birth is to you before selecting a provider.

Some women believe birth should be managed and monitored to ensure safety of baby and mom. Others believe birth is a natural process and should be treated as such, rather than a medical emergency. Some people want to make their own decisions regarding their pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  Other women just want someone to tell them what they need to do.

Most of the complaints about a provider or an experience boils down to this question.  Having a birth philosophy that aligns with that of your provider can help ensure a positive experience and outcome for you.

How secure does the hospital culture make you feel?

Some people find comfort delivering in a hospital, regardless of pain medications used. They like knowing that should anything happen to them or their baby, doctors and nurses are ready and waiting to do everything they can to remedy the situation.  Other women become anxious or intimidated when in a hospital setting, maybe because of a previous experience, or even because of their birth philosophy.

If being in a hospital is stressful for you, look into midwives who do homebirths or deliver at birth centers. 

Have you had a previous Cesarean Section?

If you’ve had a Cesarean Section, some doctors may require you to have another Cesarean. If you would like to try for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), find a doctor that is comfortable with this.

What (if any) Pain Management options are you interested in?

  • Nitrous Oxide – some providers are uncomfortable with the use of Nitrous Oxide. It is not available at all hospitals
  • Hydrotherapy – not all hospitals have laboring tubs; no Green Bay hospitals the have capabilities of water birth.

The provider I choose will deliver my baby, right?

Unfortunately, the only way to guarantee that the provider you choose will actually be there to deliver your baby is to schedule a Cesarean Section or induction. If your provider is on call – Great! If not, however, the doctor on call may say and allow different things (some may not be comfortable with the use of Nitrous Oxide, for example).  It is a good idea to get to know the other providers in the practice to help you pick a provider AND a PRACTICE.

You should also consider your insurance and location (are you willing to drive 45 minutes or more to the hospital?)

So when you set up appointments to meet with doctors and midwives, ask these questions. If you want to ask the Facebook Hive for suggestions, explain your birth philosophy and needs first to get better suggestions, rather than a slew of names that might not be the right fit for you.

Better yet, ask someone who knows all of the providers and who can give you a few tailored options to choose from.  The Green Bay Doulas are knowledgeable about the birth culture in Green Bay and have worked with many of the areas providers. You can also join the “Green Bay Birth and Postpartum Options” Facebook group for more information and a safe place to ask questions about providers and options available to you.


-Melissa is originally from Buffalo, NY and came to Green Bay in 2013. She holds both her bachelors and masters degrees in Viola Performance from the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, OH, and an Artist Diploma from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. In her spare time you can find Melissa running around with her pup Louie, taking road trips with her husband and daughter, cooking, and playing board games.


Do Nurses Like Doulas?


A Letter From A Labor & Delivery Nurse

“My name is Holli and I have been a labor and delivery RN at Bellin for the past 12 years.  I have always thought we gave excellent nursing care, then one day, I realized how much better it could be.  I had worked with doulas in the past and honestly wasn’t all that impressed.  Then I met Emily, who I learned is not only a doula, but owner of the local doula agency, Green Bay Doulas.  When I walked into my patient’s room for the day, there was an extra smiling face in the room.  She introduced herself and we started our day together, caring for “our” patient.  Emily supported the patient beautifully throughout the labor process, and also respected my role as the RN.  

When I worked with doulas in the past, they always tried to “buck the system” and argue everything we have to do according to our policies.  Emily and I seamlessly care for “our” patients to meet all of their needs.  We work together to decide the next best “game plan”. Are we hopping in the shower?  Going for a walk?  Maybe starting a little Pitocin (it IS NOT the devil) lol, or maybe we are going to run some essential oils through the diffuser that the client brought and take a little rest.  Whatever we are doing, we work together.  I had never before had a doula pull me aside to talk outside the room about what I think we should do next. It is about respect and Green Bay Doulas prides themselves on doing what is best for the family, while also working WITH the healthcare team.  I am so proud to see what Emily has done for doulas in our community, and for herself with her local doula agency Green Bay Doulas.  She is truly a sweet soul and an amazing doula.  She has built an amazing team of doulas, all of which are easy to work with and top notch!”

-Holli Lange RN


There is often stigma attached to the word doula and sadly many think our role is to replace the L & D nurse or to stand up against medical choices for the client. In fact our role is to partner with the nurses to create a cohesive support team for you and your pattern while in labor. At Green Bay Doulas we respect the nurse’s role and understand that our role as a professional doula is very different. We are so lucky to have amazing nursing staff in our area and even more grateful for the relationships we’ve built.
To learn more about the support Green Bay Doulas provides visit our website at www.greenbaydoulas.com or email information@greenbaydoulas.com

Three Cheers for Pit!

I can hear you now, “Did she just say that?” Yes, Yes I did. I want to open up the conversation, bring it out from the darkness that we at Green Bay Doulas are experts in options and yes, pitocin is one of them. Open your mind and keep reading…..


Your next question is probably: “How can a doula be in favor of pitocin!?” Easy! It’s not my job as a doula to make sure you have a 100% all natural medication free birth, if that’s your goal that is up to you and I’ll stand by your side and support you! We don’t advocate at Green Bay Doulas, you are strong and can speak for yourself. We provide you with info so that you can make the decision that is best for you. We are not medical professionals. We will support you through your journey, but we will not tell you how to birth. This is your journey not ours.


Ok, I still feel you rolling your eyes at me, “But Emily women have been giving birth for thousands of years without medications “ this is true! But, remember 1 in 3 died in childbirth. We have all, but lost the ability to squat, we don’t eat the same foods as they did either, we drive everywhere, and sit for extended periods of time at work. This world is different, which makes women and they way we give birth different and (brace yourself) some women need the assistance to deliver their babies. They shouldn’t be shamed for their choice! It’s not your choice to make, not your baby, and you aren’t a doctor so stop with the natural is the only way to go because for some moms it’s not.


The management of Pitocin or synthetic oxytocin has progressively gotten better in the last five years, at least in my personal experience, from when I started as a doula. There are still many factors that come into play so let’s talk about some:


Pitocin=Epidural – NOT ALWAYS! Sometimes all you need is a very small amount. There are times it does mean more intensity, but it depends on the women and how she perceives labor pain.


Pit isn’t created equal – Let’s talk about provider protocols- some doctors are more laid back and some are more aggressive in their personal pitocin protocol so this is a great subject to bring up during your doctor’s appointment!

  • When do they use pitocin?
  • How much do they start at?
  • How often will they increase the dosage?
  • What is the perfect pattern of contractions look like when using pitocin?
  • How does pitocin work?
  • Do the other doctors in the rotation use the same protocol?


When a women has been in labor for an extended period of time they can become tired, well not only them, but it’s also true for their hard working uterus! A tired uterus can lead to failure to progress, stall out the labor, but using pitocin can help assist the uterus which can prevent a cesarean can you believe it?

Pitocin can sometimes prevent a cesarean!


Beyond that if a uterus is tired the risk of hemorrhage after the baby is born is a real concern to medical providers.  This is a common reason why women receive pitocin after birth, via IV or a shot in the leg. Again, this is about choices, talk to your medical provider about their protocol for third stage management of the delivery of placenta.


I understand this isn’t an easy topic to talk about. We have all heard the horror stories, but unless we open the conversation about medical management of medicines we will always be stuck at the intersection of horror stories and evil pit.


I’m proud that Green Bay Doulas are extensively trained through ProDoula to be able to support any type of birth. We don’t have a birth philosophy, because it’s not our birth. We don’t assume a women should give birth a certain way. We provide judgement free, nonbias support, and we aren’t afraid to talk about the real concerns of women as they prepare to birth their babies.


If you’d like to hear more about the support we provide at Green Bay Doulas please contact us at (920) 246- 0200 or email us at information@greenbaydoulas.com
By: Emily Jacobson

Birth Is NOT Equal

As a doula, my job is to support my clients, however they choose to birth. Imagine this: some people are offended when YOU have a different birth from what THEY think you should. You’ve all heard it, Oh, honey natural? Are you a crazy hippie? or “Natural is the only way to go, an epidural will mess up your baby for life.” Here is the thing, it’s not their birth.

Imagine this, because we here at Green Bay Doulas support all birth, one might think that means our clients don’t know their options, actually it’s the opposite our clients know EVERY option. This dedication to supporting all births means we don’t support a certain clientele, we are versed in it all, and ready if your first road leads to a road they didn’t intend on (which happens). It’s not that you are a failure, it’s a new normal, and you are supported as you start this new normal, or if the road you started on is the one you finish on!

What about the mother who needed to be induced for cholestasis?

What about the mother who has scoliosis and therefor unable to get an epidural?

What about the mothers who’s a victim of sexual assault and the thought of a baby at her breast causes extreme anxiety that she chooses formula over breastfeeding?

What about the mother with such high blood pressure, an epidural actually saves her from a stroke?

What about the mother with placenta prevea and has a family centered cesarean?

What if your plan was to have an epidural and the birth was so fast you have it in the car and now you feel robbed of your birth experience?

What if your plan was an all natural birth and you near pregnancy to find you have a footling breech baby who just won’t turn?

We encourage you to be educated about every choice. This isn’t about natural child birth vs medicated. It’s about birth and it’s your story to tell, not anyone elses. Don’t let anyone tell you that you didn’t do it right, didn’t take the right class, didn’t read the right books, didn’t pick the right apps to download. When you know better you do better, and hiring a certified doula can help you navigate the right doctor, hospital, childbirth class to take, books to read, and even apps!

A doula’s goal is a happy mom, healthy bond. The Green Bay Doulas are proud to set this standard of non-judgemental, unbiased, all encompassing care in Northeastern Wisconsin for labor and postpartum support. Won’t you call us today for your complimentary 30 min consultation and lets talk how we can support your birth.

-Emily Jacobson