Lactation Support

BreastfeedingGreen Bay Doulas has stood by you through this incredible journey; your breastfeeding journey is no different. Breastfeeding your baby sometimes comes with a learning curve. With the help and support of an expert, we can help you and your family during this transition and learning process.

We offer private breastfeeding classes as well as in-home support once baby arrives.

Our highly skilled Lactation Expert (IBCLC) will guide you through the ups and downs and provide you with the evidence-based education you need to meet your breastfeeding goals. By creating a care plan for you and your baby, you will be able to feed your baby with confidence. Green Bay Doulas will work closely with your care providers to make sure you feel completely supported in your journey.

What to expect with a consult:

  • Assisting mother and baby
  • Assessing latch and positioning baby
  • Helping you learn more about your baby’s hunger cues
  • How to maintain a healthy milk supply
  • Personalized care plan for mother and baby

Call our office today to schedule your private in home lactation consult or breastfeeding class.