What is a sibling doula?

  • A sibling doula is a personalized birth support person for an older child that may or may not attend the birth of their new sibling.
  • A sibling doula is a compassionate birth professional who allows their client (your child) to express their emotions and thoughts before and during your birth while answering questions, reassuring them and meeting their physical and emotional needs.

As a laboring parent, it is difficult to prioritize your needs when your toddler or older child is in need of support. Your partner is torn between helping you and helping the child. That’s where we come in! Allow our expert sibling doulas to support the young client as the transition from the baby in the family to an older sibling.

Green Bay Doulas on-call period begins when the contract is signed and we will continue support for your children or child for up to 5 hours post birth.

*Please understand that a sibling doula does NOT replace the need for a labor support doula during labor.

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