Postpartum support is the original practice of mothering the mother.

This parenting thing is about thriving, not just surviving!

When an expert walks into your home from Green Bay Doulas you’ll ask yourself why someone would do this without us!

The calm and comfort that comes with our doulas can not be replaced by an amateur.

Our expertise includes:

  •         Preparation for the arrival of your baby
  •         Role adjustment
  •         Breast feeding support
  •         Breastmilk pumping and storage
  •         Bottle feeding education
  •         Older sibling support
  •         Newborn care techniques
  •         Recognition of pp emotional issues
  •         Light household organization
  •         Support for high needs babies

Postpartum support is tailored to meet individual needs.

Short day shifts of a minimum of 4 hours allows ample time to support  feeding sessions, give mom a rest period and allows for Q&A time and baby care basics.

Many Green Bay Doula clients are seeking night time relief and we happily accommodate them. We know that a well rested family can handle anything a newborn throws at them and we are happy to help!

Whether you need short or long term support or day or night shifts, Green Bay Doulas is ready to serve you!

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Antepartum Services / Bed Rest


When pregnancy calls for bed rest, Green Bay families call on Green Bay Doulas!

High risk or difficult pregnancies change the emotional state of women as well as their partners. Having the ear of an expert support person may be exactly what you need to get through this trying experience.

You’re accustom to hoping in the car, working all day, grabbing a manicure on your way home and now… you’re alone. All day. Day after day. Gestating.

Our doulas can run an errand for you, talk through emotional changes and prepare meals or snacks. Need the nursery organized or have some finishing touches to put on a project? No problem! We are available to help!

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Postpartum Care