Belly Binding

Belly binding is a great way to help your body heal and recover after childbirth. This practice is most effective within the first 8 weeks after you’ve welcomed your baby, but can be done anytime throughout your postpartum healing. Belly binding is the technique of wrapping your abdomen during the postpartum period to help aid in muscle control and reformation, stabilizing  loosened ligaments, and returning your organs back to their pre-pregnancy position and size. By wrapping your belly you are able to pull those loosened muscles back to where they need to be. Unlike the binders you can by in the store, the cotton muslin wrap conforms to your personal and unique shape which allows support in the exact areas your body needs. It’s comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and even while you sleep!

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How might you benefit from Belly Binding?

  • Pulls separated abdominal muscles back together
  • Assists in correcting diastasis recti
  • Decreases postpartum bleeding
  • Prevents back pain
  • Helps to maintain posture and avoid the “nursing slouch”


wordpress 4Let our Postpartum Belly Binding Specialists pamper you with our wraps in the comfort of your home. We can also teach you and /or a partner or support person the technique so that you can continue to use this holistic healing opportunity easily throughout your postpartum period.

Belly Binding