Not All Placentas Are Equal

Not all (2)

Have you thought about or actually encapsulated your placenta? Not all placentas are created equal and in the same regards, same goes for the practices of the encapsulators.

Did you know you can become certified in placenta encapsulation? What does that mean? A standard of care for that organization. Here at Green Bay Doulas there are three, yes THREE Postpartum Placenta Specialists who cover a large portion of Wisconsin. Marinette and south to Sheboygan, and Wasuau across to the tip of Door County.

We chose to certify with ProDoula and here is the process we took to become certified.

  • Intensive 2 day in person workshop with a trainer.
  • Readings
  • Intensive open book test
  • 3 placentas processed in person with documentation
  • Hold a bloodborne pathogens certification
  • References and Evaluations from our clients

Oh, and one more thing, you transport your placenta home and we come to you!

I’ll say it again, we do not transport placentas, and encapsulation is done in your home!

Wait, What? Yes, we provide you with a transportation cooler, (it’s pretty cool actually) give you all the instructions you need and meet you at home when it’s convenient for you.

What if placentas gross you out and you don’t want to see it? We meet you at your comfort level. That could mean we process it while mother is still at the hospital, or hanging out in a different part of the house, or if you want to watch, some even get on some gloves and check out this amazing organ you grew and observe how we do what we do!

Why in the client’s home? It’s a standard that goes above and beyond what is done in our profession. Things we can guarantee by doing it this way:

  • It’s indeed your placenta
  • It’s not in my fridge in my personal house, around my children or household pets
  • It’s done with the utmost respect.
  • You have a postpartum expert in your home for any questions you may have about encapsulation or newborn care, because, hey, things come up!
  • It’s quick, 2 days consecutive days for about 2 hours each day.

As someone who did encapsulate in their home for 2 years I can tell you this is much easier on myself and my family, dealing with someone else’s blood, and a red bio hazard bag in the family fridge are not fun conversation points for guests in our home or toddlers for that fact. Now I’m not bashing those encapsulists who choose to do it in their own homes, I set a standard of professionalism before I even knew what that was. My husband would see our spotless kitchen and say “ I know what you’re doing tonight”, but not everyone is that professional.

When looking into ProDoula’s Placenta encapsulation standard I was naive to think that everyone gets their own placenta back, that it’s properly transported and cared for, that a kitchen and encapsulation area is properly sanitized and clean, that children and animals stay out of the area when processing, that it’s returned within 24-36 hours after pickup, and that clients didn’t want the interaction of being in their home. I was wrong, and I’m sorry to those who weren’t able to experience the education and companionship component that goes along with encapsulating in our clients home.

Some things are just worth the investment, you get what you pay for. Paying someone a living wage to support their ongoing education expenses, supply costs and family expenses are just a few reasons why you should hire a professional for anything you do. It means they are an expert in their area of knowledge and know their stuff!

Green Bay Doulas is happy to sit and talk with you about our services in a complimentary meeting in the comfort of your own home, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Written by: Emily Jacobson