I Don’t Want A Doula

Things I hear on a daily basis: “I don’t want someone else in the room with my partner and I” “I just can’t afford a doula, maybe next baby we can plan better” “I really wish I would have hired you, even just to have that support before I had the baby.” and  “I don’t want a doula, I’m getting an epidural” 


This got me thinking about how our role as doulas is to offer our clients options. Options in hospitals, doctors, laboring techniques, and inductions. Options in pain management from hydrotherapy to epidurals, options in navigating vaginal birth after surgical birth and even surgical birth itself. Options in community resources from photographers to chiropractic care, massage to hair dressers, and even dog trainers!




One of the cornerstones that Green Bay Doulas was built on is to listen to the birthing community, and be and bring the change that they long to see.


We listened to the desires of our community, and we are excited to announce Everything But the Birth: Your personal concierge through pregnancy. You are matched with your perfect doula who will become your best friend and confidant for your pregnancy. She will help you navigate questions, comments, she will celebrate with you, and lift you up when needed. She will help you navigate your options with her insider knowledge. She will provide a prenatal planning session where you discuss what to expect, help you build your birth plan, and teach your partner or friend/family member some hands on approaches to help support you during labor. She will also provide a postpartum visit once you are home and settled with the new baby.


So how is this different from a labor doula?


We don’t attend your birth.


This option will bring the support you desire throughout pregnancy, without the larger investment. But what happens if along the way you decide you’d like birth doula support during your birth? You’d just need to make that decision by 34 weeks, and your initial payment is applied to your remaining balance. We work in teams of two when supporting laboring clients so we want to make sure your entire team is at your prenatal.


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Our goal is to make doula support accessible to every laboring family, surrogate, and individual. We want you to have access to the knowledge we have and feel supported, secure, and empowered to make the best choices for your family. This is the very heart of Green Bay Doulas, to give our clients options to decide what support option works best for their family.


Contact us today to get started!

Adoption: Answering Common Questions

November is National Adoption Month, which is a topic near and dear to my heart, as I was adopted at just 9 weeks old from the Milwaukee area. Growing up I actually had a lot of friends who were also adopted.  Believe it or not, we were often asked the same common questions and I thought I would share those in hopes of bringing awareness throughout the month to many of our readers.

What are the different types of adoption?

There are actually three different forms of adoptions!

Open Adoption:This is where your family may have access to the biological families information or even remain in contact with them.

Closed Adoption: In this case, records are sealed about personal information on the biological family. Once you reach adulthood you can do a records request to see if the biological family would be interested in meeting. Sometimes this information is available and sometimes it’s not. In my case my request was denied, but I was able to get a ton of paperwork about my biological family and medical history. That was informative, but what was most significant and even more special were the papers my parents filled out as they waited for my adoption to be finalized, what they did with me, my milestones, things I never knew existed on paper.

Domestic vs International- Simply means were you born in the USA or adopted from overseas?

Was it difficult to family trees or family related school projects and activities?

Sometimes yes, and others no. My family was my family. I tailored all of my presentations to my family. My grandpa was of syrian descent and my grandmother german. I knew I was german and hungarian, but that’s about it.  When you don’t have the information it’s hard to go off of, but I did my best with the info at hand.

And of course, my friends always wanted to know…

Do we really have two birthdays?

Sorta! We celebrate our birthdays and also my “gotcha day” growing up. I called this my special birthday, but others call it a Gotcha Day. Gotcha Day is the day we came home with our parents.

How do you explain adoption to children?

My mother always said it best. “You grew in my heart not my belly.” My outlook on being adopted is different then others may feel. I’m a firm believer that I was meant to be with my family and just needed a way to get there. So, yes, I grew in my mothers heart.

What local support is out there for children who are adopted?

The Post Adoption Resource Center of Brown County is a great place to start! 

Also having playdates with other children and classmates who were adopted as well was probably the most beneficial part to me as a child.

So on this national adoption month do you know someone who’s adopting, was adopting or has adopted? Reach out, let them know you are glad they are in your lives!

So the all important question,

How do we, as doulas, support adoption?

Before Baby: We are available before baby is welcomed as Antepartum Support Doulas. We can help create an amazing space in the home of the family adopting the newest addition by setting up furniture, the nursery and helping you talk through feelings and emotions. We can also provide support to the biological mother or surrogate by talking through or going with her to doctor appointments and supporting her emotionally.

Throughout Labor: We support the biological mother or surrogate on her journey to birth in whatever capacity she may need, whether that’s physically or emotionally.

Once Baby Is Born And The Postpartum Period : We help with the transition when parents bring home baby with the use of postpartum care. Working with them to set up a routine or settle into their new parenting roles. We can also aide in the support of the biological mother or surrogate once home helping them with self care for healing both physically and emotionally. We can assist with general recovery, lactation support to either stop or pump, an ear to listen, and our extensive list of referrals. We have even encapsulated for a surrogate who was planning on pumping for the baby.

If you would like to hear more about the support doulas can provide during the adoption process I would be more than happy to answer questions! Feel free to contact us at info@greenbaydoulas.com

Understanding Postpartum Doulas VS Night Nurse

If you are a Shameless fan like we are, you saw in the season 7 premiere that Debbie hired a night nurse so she can get some sleep. Typically a night nurse or night nanny is someone who takes care of the baby in the evening so the parents can get some sleep. But, what if I told you there was such a profession where a trained professional came into your house who

1- Was an expert in newborn care,

2- Knew how to support a mother in recovery from childbirth,


3- Took care of the family as a WHOLE!


Enter the Postpartum Doula!


A normal daytime shift (averaging 4-8 hours) can look like a number of things, but is not limited to:

An unbiased ear to listen to concerns

Meal prep

Sibling support

Nap for mother

Self care for mother

Breast/bottle feeding, formula feeding, basic lactation support

Light housework

Extra hands for errands or doctors appointments

Cesarean support

Newborn and baby care

Just to name a few!


And the support of overnights (10 hour shift) while parents rest:

Breastfeeding support

Bottle feeding support

Meal prep

Light housework

Baby care

And sleep for both parents!


What you can expect with a Postpartum Doula? Personalized care! Families often seek support for high needs babies such as colic or silent reflux, special needs, support during teething, transitioning back to work, sleep regressions and sickness, and adjusting to adoption and multiples! The goal of a Postpartum Doula is to support the parenting approach that fits your lifestyle best. Every family’s needs are different which is why we have a postpartum planning session with each family to learn about the family dynamics, feeding style, parenting style and how best to support your family during the first year of a new addition.The beauty of a Postpartum Doula is that they help the family as a whole offering their expertise by lending a hand and helping a family transition into their new roles as parents, siblings and even furbabies!

While postpartum care is typically seen as a luxury item for many families, it’s simply about having a plan and making a budget. You may consider sitting down and discussing a postpartum plan even before your beautiful bundle arrives so that you can be as prepared as possible entering into this new chapter! Everyone plans for the arrival, but what about the weeks and months after your little one is here, Postpartum Doulas are happy to help!

Why make the investment? One of our clients explains it best so we’ll share his quote with you, “My wife is home all day with the baby and when she’s well rested she’s a better mother and wife and that’s what is important to me!” Utilizing a postpartum doula can be different for each family.  Whether it’s full time, part time or as needed; we want you to thrive during this time, not just survive.

If you are interested in more information about Postpartum Support please contact us today at information@greenbaydoulas.com or (920)246-0200

Do Nurses Like Doulas?


A Letter From A Labor & Delivery Nurse

“My name is Holli and I have been a labor and delivery RN at Bellin for the past 12 years.  I have always thought we gave excellent nursing care, then one day, I realized how much better it could be.  I had worked with doulas in the past and honestly wasn’t all that impressed.  Then I met Emily, who I learned is not only a doula, but owner of the local doula agency, Green Bay Doulas.  When I walked into my patient’s room for the day, there was an extra smiling face in the room.  She introduced herself and we started our day together, caring for “our” patient.  Emily supported the patient beautifully throughout the labor process, and also respected my role as the RN.  

When I worked with doulas in the past, they always tried to “buck the system” and argue everything we have to do according to our policies.  Emily and I seamlessly care for “our” patients to meet all of their needs.  We work together to decide the next best “game plan”. Are we hopping in the shower?  Going for a walk?  Maybe starting a little Pitocin (it IS NOT the devil) lol, or maybe we are going to run some essential oils through the diffuser that the client brought and take a little rest.  Whatever we are doing, we work together.  I had never before had a doula pull me aside to talk outside the room about what I think we should do next. It is about respect and Green Bay Doulas prides themselves on doing what is best for the family, while also working WITH the healthcare team.  I am so proud to see what Emily has done for doulas in our community, and for herself with her local doula agency Green Bay Doulas.  She is truly a sweet soul and an amazing doula.  She has built an amazing team of doulas, all of which are easy to work with and top notch!”

-Holli Lange RN


There is often stigma attached to the word doula and sadly many think our role is to replace the L & D nurse or to stand up against medical choices for the client. In fact our role is to partner with the nurses to create a cohesive support team for you and your pattern while in labor. At Green Bay Doulas we respect the nurse’s role and understand that our role as a professional doula is very different. We are so lucky to have amazing nursing staff in our area and even more grateful for the relationships we’ve built.
To learn more about the support Green Bay Doulas provides visit our website at www.greenbaydoulas.com or email information@greenbaydoulas.com

A Year in Review: A letter from the owner of Green Bay Doulas:

As we bid a farewell to 2015 and step into 2016 I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has made 2015 such a success for us.

To our clients-

We laughed together, cried together, and grew together – as clients, you have touched each one of us and impacted our lives for the better. We supported you in birth as you labored at home, in pools, on the birthing balls, standing in showers, using these crazy peanut balls and connected deeper to yourself and your family, in five differant hospitals, and in home births.

Births that were everything you wanted them to be and others that went down roads you didn’t see coming, and you were supported and knew this was your journey and you owned it…every one of you. We are honored and humbled to be part of your process, whether it was birth, encapsulation, or postpartum. YOU should be so proud of what you have accomplished and will forever be part of the Green Bay Doulas family.


To the doulas of Green Bay Doulas

Less then a year ago, I would never have thought I would meet such a strong, driven, loving, passionate group of women. You push me to be better and do better everyday. You have shown me humility, passion, and a drive to support all families however they envision that support and I could not be prouder of each and everyone of you.


Please enjoy our most shared blogs of 2015

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1.  If the Green Bay Packers were Doulas…..

I cannot wait to see what 2016 bring us!

Happy New Year Everyone
Emily Jacobson
Owner of Green Bay Doulas

Set For Success: The Independent Contractor’s View


When becoming a doula my main objective was supporting my clients and not really thinking much of   the business end of the doula work.  After going through my training with ProDoula I soon learned that  not only is the business side of being a doula extremely important, it is a must for running a successful business.  However there was an option brought up at the training and that was the agency model.  With an agency model you work as an independent contractor under the agency, and the agency takes care of the business end of things.  Ummm, hello, why yes I am in!!!!  I soon learned, however, that being part of an agency would offer so much more than just handling the business stuff.

This rang true when it came time for my first birth after becoming a doula.  When clients hire us as their   doula they are given 110% support even before they ever sign the contract.  This is how I felt coming  into the agency; I was supported with my needs and thoughts as a doula.  I am surrounded by amazing   women who love doing what they do and love sharing their thoughts with each of us so that we can   learn along the way as well.    My clients’ birth story tells it all, how not only I supported them, but also how I was supported with the   agency.  It started around 7:00 in the morning, with a text saying, “there was a few contractions that   woke me during the night but nothing crazy.” They, the clients, would keep me posted throughout the   day with updates; I went about my Saturday knowing that this was going to be the big day.  Not only for   me but for my clients too as they were also first time parents going into this unsure of what was going to   happen next.  Around 7:00 that evening, I got another text, but this time from dad!!! “Hey, just wanted to give a heads up that contractions are back and picking up.”  A total feeling of excitement washed over   me, this was it, and my client was in labor.  I got an update and then called Emily, (Agency Owner and fellow Doula) we went over some statistics and covered what I needed to look for.  As we were getting ready to let each other go she said, “You got this Sarah, you are going to do great.”  Well to say it went great is an understatement, it was amazing!!!!! I got to their house around 10:15 PM and by 4:15 AM their baby was born.  When I walked in their front door I felt as if I had been a doula forever, I had great confidence in supporting them though their labor and birth of their child.

In turn while supporting them I received support from my fellow agency doulas with words of support and encouragement throughout   the experience as well.  When choosing Green Bay Doulas as your agency to work with, you get more than just a Doula or a Postpartum Placenta Specialist.  You get a real person that is there to support you and your needs no matter what, with un bias and nonjudgmental support the whole way through.  This, to me, is what really made it   stick with GBD’s, we not only offer great support for our clients we bring it back to the office as well when supporting each other as doulas.

When choosing your doulas to support you, is this the type of support you would like? Sounds great right? For more information about becoming a ProDoula trained Independent Contractor or if you’re looking for labor and/or postpartum support email us at information@greenbaydoulas.com

Blog by: Sarah Coates


If The Green Bay Packers Were Doulas


When it comes to being a doula we are lucky enough to support families in many ways, wearing many different hats. Just as our favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers, we play different roles at different points throughout “the big game”, (labor and during the postpartum stage as well)!! As Monday Night Football approaches take a look at our latest blog…

Obviously, everytime time a baby was born Aaron Rodgers would jump up and do the doublecheck without hesitation.

BJ Raji would show you how to keep dancing through your contractions –

To show you how to stay focused and how to drive through those contractions you could certainly count on Lacy.

Jeff Janis would say “I may be just starting my journey, but I’ve got this!”

When those contractions become intense Mathews will be there and show you just how to tackle them.

Even if you get knocked down and things don’t go as planned, Abbrederis will show you to keep your faith strong until you reach your end goal.

Nelson would most definitely have a discussion with the doctor on who makes a better catch (not a doula thing but you know we had to “toss” this in).

And when in need of a motivational pep talk, expect to hear one from Daniels.

As your pregnancy goes on don’t get discouraged if you jumped on the bandwagon of another team because they come highly recommended, (*cough* Peppers *cough*) only to find out they aren’t getting you to where you’d like to be. Welcome home Julius.

Finding a team that fits your family best is going to leave you cheering on your game day! Creating a strong support fan base is essential to your victory celebration! We at Green Bay Doulas work closely with your medical providers to ensure you have strongest strategies and are ready for any play!

Here’s to a great season, GO PACK GO!

By Chelsea Dahms and Emily Jacobson