Q: When working with a team of doulas will do I meet them both?

A: YES!  After your initial inquiry and consultation with Green Bay Doulas, you will be assigned a team of two doulas. You will meet with them together for your in depth prenatal visit.

Your team is assigned to you based on complimentary personality styles and the needs of your family. The doulas will share a call schedule with you to alert you to who is on call when you need them. You will never end up with a back up doula that you do not have a personal relationship established with.

Q: Why two Doulas?

A: Doula work is unpredictable and convincing you that nothing will come up that will prevent us from attending a birth is unrealistic. By teaming our doulas together and having them share a call schedule, we can always accommodate the spontaneity of our labor clients.

Enjoy the benefits of the collaborative care that your team of doulas provides!

Q: I can’t find a pricing list – why is this?  

A: Doula services are intimate and difficult to describe. We like to have the opportunity to explain to you exactly what your expectations should include when you engage our services. Additionally, until we speak with you, we don’t fully know what your needs and desires are so it is difficult to blanket our website with price tags.

We are happy to discuss services and pricing the moment you are interested.