Unlocking Generations

Discussion is Key

Congratulations! You just got the news that your baby is expecting and you are soon to be a grandparent. You’re excited and want to share the news! You want to shower this new baby with gifts. Then reality sets in that it’s been decades since you cared for a newborn. How have things changed since you were in these shoes? Catch up to date with Green Bay’s newborn care specialists.

  • Break some common myths
  • Learn how to support breastfeeding mothers
  • Learn how cloth diapers have changed
  • Learn how technology has evolved – baby gadgets galore!
  • Learn social media etiquette
  • Learn the modern birth culture
  • Learn how to support the family after baby has arrived
  • Learn current recommendations on everything from SIDS to car seats, feeding to vaccinations, and more
  • Enjoy your grandchild to the fullest!

Whether this is your first grandchild or your fifth, you are bound to learn something new!

3-hour Private Class – $185

These intimate and judgment-free classes give you the one-on-one attention and are perfect for busy and on-the-go lifestyles.

5-hour Small Group Class – $155
(Meets for 2.5-hours, two consecutive weeks)

Organize a class with your friends in a home setting or join one of our pre-scheduled classes for an engaging and interactive session.