What Is Belly Binding?

Self- Care After Pregnancy: Belly Binding

Congrats mom, you did it! After the all of that strenuous work during pregnancy and labor it’s definitely time to focus on you! Green Bay Doulas truly encourages self-care in many forms to promote healing during the postpartum period. Maybe you’ve heard of postpartum wraps or girdles for abdominal healing? A new service we have added to our very own physical support arsenal is Belly Binding. The process of Belly Binding is completed by wrapping a long piece of cotton Muslin fabric, either under or over clothing, in a pattern leaving a supportive woven look. Rather than using an elastic one-piece and size specific binder that may pinch or ride up, the woven fabric contours to the body and fits to all body sizes and shapes.

There are many potential benefits to Belly Binding, which may include:

–          Posture correction

–          Abdomen and lower back support

–          Aid in Diastasis Recti healing

–          Avoid slouching during feeding sessions

The ideal time to begin binding is one week after birth. For caesarean birth, 4-6 weeks following is recommended to allow for incision healing. Our service includes the initial binding session with 2 wraps, and a trained Doula will instruct a significant other or friend on how to re-bind as needed. Green Bay Doulas currently has 3 doulas trained in Belly Binding who are available for additional binding sessions if you’d like more help!
Just a heads up: We do recommend speaking with your medical provider about this service when dealing with pre-existing spinal, abdomen and related conditions.

To try it for yourself, GBD will be offering free belly binding demo’s July 13th 2016 at the Mint Salon, learn more here.

For more information about Belly Binding and our other postpartum services please contact us by emailing information@greenbaydoulas.com or call (920)246-0200


Authored By: Sam Kropp