Not Your Bouncer


Part of the uphill climb of being a professional doula is that we are always playing catch up with myths and misunderstandings which perpetuate the negative side of being a doula.

We have all met the bad hairdresser, the real estate agent who did a less than stellar job or even chiropractors who were money hungry, not patient focused. Sadly this is true for Doulas.

We are not your personal bouncer

We don’t advocate for you, because you are capable of using your own voice. We love working with OBGYN’s, Midwives, and nurses; building relationships and supporting their patient base. We don’t save women and babies from childbirth, but rather support women during their childbirth and the postpartum period. A doula’s goal is to have a happy mom, healthy bond. A medical professional’s goal is healthy mom, healthy baby. So as you can see together a doula and a medical provider create a great support team as all levels of support are met! I’m not at the door keeping people out, sneaking in food, lying to medical staff or forcing you to have the birth I think you NEED vs what you want. My job is not to bombard you with personal agendas and propaganda.

We are not just for hippies

I’ve personally met doulas who only want to support those having natural births, only home births, only “crunchy” moms. Again, uphill climb because the ONLY one I’m supporting is YOU, whoever that is. Teacher, nurse, business owner, lawyer, young professional; even a homebirth hippie drinking kombucha. It’s not about the birth you desire- It’s the journey you take with each pregnancy, each labor and each growing of these babies into children and having the support of Green Bay Doulas by your side.

We are not amateur birth junkies

Yes, we have experienced birth with our children, but that does not qualify us to be certified doulas. Same as becoming a doula does not make us childbirth educators. Weird thought right? As in being a hairdresser doesn’t make you a makeup artist. Sure you may know a few overlapping things, but when it comes down to it they are separate. They require separate trainings and separate knowledge based skills. How do you know if you are talking to a doula who just claims the word or someone who actually has gone through a separate process of certification? Ask! Who are they trained with? What did that entail? We don’t go to births to get a “high”. We go to births to support our clients. Yes, seeing a baby being born is an amazing experience and a great “perk”, but the real joy is seeing a couple become parents or a family expanding their hearts just a little more.

I love being a doula, the hard part is always working uphill to elevate the profession when there are people out there right now, scaring a mother, pushing agendas, and not understanding the full scope of a doula because they were not trained. I’m not your bouncer, I’m your doula.

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By: Emily Jacobson