Set For Success: The Independent Contractor’s View


When becoming a doula my main objective was supporting my clients and not really thinking much of   the business end of the doula work.  After going through my training with ProDoula I soon learned that  not only is the business side of being a doula extremely important, it is a must for running a successful business.  However there was an option brought up at the training and that was the agency model.  With an agency model you work as an independent contractor under the agency, and the agency takes care of the business end of things.  Ummm, hello, why yes I am in!!!!  I soon learned, however, that being part of an agency would offer so much more than just handling the business stuff.

This rang true when it came time for my first birth after becoming a doula.  When clients hire us as their   doula they are given 110% support even before they ever sign the contract.  This is how I felt coming  into the agency; I was supported with my needs and thoughts as a doula.  I am surrounded by amazing   women who love doing what they do and love sharing their thoughts with each of us so that we can   learn along the way as well.    My clients’ birth story tells it all, how not only I supported them, but also how I was supported with the   agency.  It started around 7:00 in the morning, with a text saying, “there was a few contractions that   woke me during the night but nothing crazy.” They, the clients, would keep me posted throughout the   day with updates; I went about my Saturday knowing that this was going to be the big day.  Not only for   me but for my clients too as they were also first time parents going into this unsure of what was going to   happen next.  Around 7:00 that evening, I got another text, but this time from dad!!! “Hey, just wanted to give a heads up that contractions are back and picking up.”  A total feeling of excitement washed over   me, this was it, and my client was in labor.  I got an update and then called Emily, (Agency Owner and fellow Doula) we went over some statistics and covered what I needed to look for.  As we were getting ready to let each other go she said, “You got this Sarah, you are going to do great.”  Well to say it went great is an understatement, it was amazing!!!!! I got to their house around 10:15 PM and by 4:15 AM their baby was born.  When I walked in their front door I felt as if I had been a doula forever, I had great confidence in supporting them though their labor and birth of their child.

In turn while supporting them I received support from my fellow agency doulas with words of support and encouragement throughout   the experience as well.  When choosing Green Bay Doulas as your agency to work with, you get more than just a Doula or a Postpartum Placenta Specialist.  You get a real person that is there to support you and your needs no matter what, with un bias and nonjudgmental support the whole way through.  This, to me, is what really made it   stick with GBD’s, we not only offer great support for our clients we bring it back to the office as well when supporting each other as doulas.

When choosing your doulas to support you, is this the type of support you would like? Sounds great right? For more information about becoming a ProDoula trained Independent Contractor or if you’re looking for labor and/or postpartum support email us at

Blog by: Sarah Coates