If The Green Bay Packers Were Doulas


When it comes to being a doula we are lucky enough to support families in many ways, wearing many different hats. Just as our favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers, we play different roles at different points throughout “the big game”, (labor and during the postpartum stage as well)!! As Monday Night Football approaches take a look at our latest blog…

Obviously, everytime time a baby was born Aaron Rodgers would jump up and do the doublecheck without hesitation.

BJ Raji would show you how to keep dancing through your contractions –

To show you how to stay focused and how to drive through those contractions you could certainly count on Lacy.

Jeff Janis would say “I may be just starting my journey, but I’ve got this!”

When those contractions become intense Mathews will be there and show you just how to tackle them.

Even if you get knocked down and things don’t go as planned, Abbrederis will show you to keep your faith strong until you reach your end goal.

Nelson would most definitely have a discussion with the doctor on who makes a better catch (not a doula thing but you know we had to “toss” this in).

And when in need of a motivational pep talk, expect to hear one from Daniels.

As your pregnancy goes on don’t get discouraged if you jumped on the bandwagon of another team because they come highly recommended, (*cough* Peppers *cough*) only to find out they aren’t getting you to where you’d like to be. Welcome home Julius.

Finding a team that fits your family best is going to leave you cheering on your game day! Creating a strong support fan base is essential to your victory celebration! We at Green Bay Doulas work closely with your medical providers to ensure you have strongest strategies and are ready for any play!

Here’s to a great season, GO PACK GO!

By Chelsea Dahms and Emily Jacobson


Birth Is NOT Equal

As a doula, my job is to support my clients, however they choose to birth. Imagine this: some people are offended when YOU have a different birth from what THEY think you should. You’ve all heard it, Oh, honey natural? Are you a crazy hippie? or “Natural is the only way to go, an epidural will mess up your baby for life.” Here is the thing, it’s not their birth.

Imagine this, because we here at Green Bay Doulas support all birth, one might think that means our clients don’t know their options, actually it’s the opposite our clients know EVERY option. This dedication to supporting all births means we don’t support a certain clientele, we are versed in it all, and ready if your first road leads to a road they didn’t intend on (which happens). It’s not that you are a failure, it’s a new normal, and you are supported as you start this new normal, or if the road you started on is the one you finish on!

What about the mother who needed to be induced for cholestasis?

What about the mother who has scoliosis and therefor unable to get an epidural?

What about the mothers who’s a victim of sexual assault and the thought of a baby at her breast causes extreme anxiety that she chooses formula over breastfeeding?

What about the mother with such high blood pressure, an epidural actually saves her from a stroke?

What about the mother with placenta prevea and has a family centered cesarean?

What if your plan was to have an epidural and the birth was so fast you have it in the car and now you feel robbed of your birth experience?

What if your plan was an all natural birth and you near pregnancy to find you have a footling breech baby who just won’t turn?

We encourage you to be educated about every choice. This isn’t about natural child birth vs medicated. It’s about birth and it’s your story to tell, not anyone elses. Don’t let anyone tell you that you didn’t do it right, didn’t take the right class, didn’t read the right books, didn’t pick the right apps to download. When you know better you do better, and hiring a certified doula can help you navigate the right doctor, hospital, childbirth class to take, books to read, and even apps!

A doula’s goal is a happy mom, healthy bond. The Green Bay Doulas are proud to set this standard of non-judgemental, unbiased, all encompassing care in Northeastern Wisconsin for labor and postpartum support. Won’t you call us today for your complimentary 30 min consultation and lets talk how we can support your birth.

-Emily Jacobson